Edelbrock's new customer service policies?

Edelbrock unfortunatley has become unwilling or less willing to service their own carbs. I had talked to Chris at Edelbrock not too long ago when I was ordering a part for a friend overseas. I asked about carb boring and how it has worked for XR650Rs with full exhausts and cams, etc., and carb rebuilding/servicing in general. He said they are no longer willing to do either of the procedures and are getting away from doing them.

Regarding boring out carbs for modified bikes, he said they did not have enough substantial info. to really say how it really worked with specified motor mod setups. He said some have been happy and some have not with the results. Once it is done, you can't change it back without a whole new carb body. He also stated that because of this, they no longer wanted to be liable for someones dissatisfaction of doing the overbore of their carb. That's fairly understandable, so I give him that.

As for the rebuilding/servicing of a carb, Chris said Edelbrock will sell a customer a rebuild kit with all the seals and such for someone to do it themselves or have someone else do it, :cry: It makes me wonder what is going on at Edelbrock and there customer service now. :lol::applause: I think as long as Edelbrock charges for the service, why not continue to provide the rebuilding or servicing of the carbs for their customers when it is needed? :applause:

Maybe Edelbrock users could call in and give their two cents...

I can see why they just want to be the product sales business instead of service.

Repair Service is a PITA and takes a lot of effort to do so.. I'm sure it was a bottom line kind of decision. I'm sure when they took a look at the $ in a business sense.... I'm sure there was non to little profit.

a good alternetive is to offer support and rebuild kits to clients who need them and worry only about warranty issues. Leans out the overhead in running a business.

Not that this is a good thing but more like a necessity in this business environment.

I hear that. It's just unfortunate that it comes to that.

I can and do much of my own wrenching but for those that are not so inclined mechanically or time wise, it is a bummer. Sometimes a need for a hands on look at things by the experts is a big help in the time factor of diagnosing a problem. Also, the Edelbrock is not really a major mainstream carb that any joe mechanic in a shop out there is familiar with. It would be nice for someone out there to be able to send it in to the experts on that product.

I realize I am just basicly pressing the same point here. It is just one take on this and a dilemma that can run in circles.

On the other side of the things you do have a good point on the companies bottom line. Like I say, unfortunate.

Glad I stuck with my stock CV....

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