Touble getting XR650R to idle

the bike had been sitting for a few years. and yes i foregot to remove the old gas.:applause:

so i took off the carb. cleaned it out as best as i could. blew air through all the holes, installed 175 and #68 jets. needle is on the fourth from top groove.

i can start it but the idle has to be very high. i can turn it down. after a few seconds it'll just stall out.starts right away, then stalls when the idle is not on high speed.

did i do the floats right?


as a side note. where do i route this hose on the bike?


The fuel line or the fuel filter in the tank might be blocked, and the carb can't suck enough fuel through. The bike has been standing for a while, so this might be the problem.

well i replaced the fuel lines from the tank. it is a acerbis 6 gallon model.

has lots of power, runs good except for idling.

PS the bike is uncorked if that matters.

Sounds like a sticky float to me, too.

On my carb the hose in question loops up and over at the front of the carb and then back down behind. The end doesn't seem to go anywhere critical, and it's just open.

You might have an air leak at the carb isolator boot between the carb and cylinder. Make sure the boot and clamp are in good shape and have good seal.

That hose you have a pointer on goes straight up from the carb into that rubber thingie directly above the carb on the frame and the hole faces backwards (towards the rider).

thanks, i'll get a new float and needle. see if that helps.

I agree with the vacuum leak scenario. An engine that will only run at a high idle is most likely suffering from an engine air/vacuum leak. As mentioned above, check for air leaks!

Where's your fuel screw set (how many turns out)? Around 2 turns out would be "normal".

pilot jet is plugged

pilot jet is new and i blew through the passage.

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