Crankcase Breather Pipe

Originally posted by Ronin:

Guy, I have been thinking of all the mods you have done to your bike and wondering....Hmmmm....I havent seen anything about a lowering kit or shaved seat or anything like that. So I guess my question can a 5 year old touch on a stock height Yamaha. I mean hell, I am 5'9" tall and I can barely touch one foot with boots on. And that is only after I lowered the forks in the triple trees. You must have some kind of genetic mutation. Or maybe...well thats just a whole different thread.



P.S. Maybe you should back-off a bit here.

:D Ha Ha HA He HE HE! Oh man you kill me...I havn't seen humour like that since ...Ohhh...Primary school!

How long did it take you to think that up man?

What is it with you guy's, cant you argue/discuss things without turning it into a slanging match?

Just because I dont worship at the Altar of the Great God Buell, doesnt make me the Spawn of Satan you know!

I didn't start all this mud slinging, but I'm not going to roll over and say "Ok you guy's win"

If YOU don't want to continue this discussion...then dont post here's quite easy :D

I Spoke to a man who plays around with H/D's over here Yesterday, he started one up and made me feel the breather output, One thing I can understand (not that I argued before, but just to illustrate :D ) is why There is no way in hell that you would want that blowing into the airbox!

Your Buell is 1203cc I think you said earlier, so each piston is 601.5cc give or take that is half as big again as a WR........

I aint arguing with you...merely having a different view /opinion, if that is classless, childish etc etc then so be it, But please dont you and your partner in crime( :) ) assume that if you shout loud enough, I'll be intimidated and go away.... at least I havn't resorted to childish name calling...yet LOL!

my post was meant to lighten things up a bit in here, you know maybe spur a friendly sparring match to keep the mood...well...shall we say up-beat. Sorry if I offended you, If you read back in my posts I never said you "have to", "should" or that the breather is "the only solution". I did however mention that I FEEL, the operative word here is FEEL, it is ALMOST, again the operative word here is ALMOST, blasphemy to route your breather to an airbox on a bike......yada, yada, yada. This was a personal opinion, not a scientific fact. I think you need to lighten up maybe just a little bit and maybe quit taking yourself all too serious. Like you said, and I quote..."This is a DISCUSSION board, different view points aired, NOT a THIS IS THE WAY TO DO IT board" Can't we all just get along???? By the way I do take your jabs at The Motor Company, AKA H-D/Buell, very personally. I dont tear on what you ride do I?? Frankly my dear, I dont give a damn. By the way you mentioned that H-D/Buell was akin to agricultural equipment, you are thinking of Guzzi, their first use of the engine was in a tractor. I would go on and spout off how H-D is withing a couple of thousand bikes of beating Honda's dominance in the cycle market so on and so forth but I wont, cause all you will get is more pissed off.

later, and lighten up Francis,


:D Ronin, You really DID make me laugh with your post, when I read it, I smiled, If my somewhat tounge in cheek dissing of H/D's offended you then I'm sorry, I did however try to indicate that there was some humour in my comment, with a smilie or two!

I dont take myself too seriously I promise, after all anyone who can fall off a bike like I do has to have some humour :D

The only thing that irritated me to a certain degree, was SoCal's seemingly out of the blue tearing into me! Then beacause I didn't lie down and take it, I've "No Class"

When I do this mod, I WILL post back here, and as I stated somwhere near the beginning of all this, if it runs crap, I have NO problem with reporting this and saying "YO, Ronin is the maan!"

Believe me, If I ever Buy A Buell, I will be asking YOU for advice!!!

Take it easy, and don't take comments on bikes so personally :D:D

The near dominance of H/D must be a US thing is it? Over here, the H/D Buell thing is still very much minority, Jap crotch rockets being very much the way our market is.

The sight of a Buell on our roads is nearly as rare as "Tits on a Bull" :D

Talk to you later, and keep smiling :)

[ January 25, 2002: Message edited by: Guy ]

:D:D Right I suspect the majority of people will have NO use for these, but I had access to Yamaha's EPC (elctronic parts catalogue) this afternoon and I have the partno's for the alternative breather and the elbow to fit it to the airbox boot, It may be worth noting that the hose could be useful for an alternative mod to the pipe as it stops short of the boot and could be used in a different fashion. :)

The part no's are as follows

Breather pipe # 5BF-F1166-00-00

Elbow # 5BF-E4454-00-00

there are two clips as well but I didn't think they were relevant. :D

:):D Right the next thrilling installment of this soap story..................

I had a long and in-depth conversation with a Yamaha Technician today, with regards to this on-going problem of the engine breather.

His, opinions are an interesting mix of myself and Ronin's, to the point where his idea is that, the inlet point on the WR being after the airfilter is WRONG (did you see that SoCal :D )he he! and there is a more than good chance of it causing a bad jetting problem, However, he also points out that bad jetting is preferable to a Hydro-locked engine and that the airbox is the perfect place for the breather.

The solution he has come up with (which is what I will be trying out) is a curious mix of Me, Ronin and.......Honda, yeah he had to run it by me twice as well! the idea being that using the alternative pipe, run it towards the airbox, just before the airbox tee it off to a PCV valve dropping downwards, the other branch of the tee goes INTO the airbox but Up-wind of the filter so it should have little or NO effect on the jetting

if this should be blocked the engine will still blow thru the PCV, any Oil/moisture should (in theory) drop into the down tee and be vented out or failing that a periodic uncliping of the valve to drain off the gunk (AKA Honda breather) This is fairly close to what NigeUK posted.

Right, SoCal ,I'm waiting for the HUGE "I Told You So!" :D:D:D

Originally posted by Howard Huge:

There you go bringing me into this, you guys are funny :D a truly entertaing yet informative post. Guy, Ronin, and SoCal were there for the entertainment whilst (Nige UK) came up with the most inteligent and thrifty way of solving the that by your local Yamaha dealer :)

Kudos to Nige, HUGE

:D:D We do our best to entertain..he he,

The irony of The Yamah tech's solution be sooo close to Nige's solution was not lost on me, about the only difference is Nige has his tee'd pipe on top not in the box :D:D

:) Doc....If I were in your situation , ie no rivers etc, about the only thing I would consider is the fitting of a filter in the end of the breather (K&N or similar) just to cut down on the possibilty of any muck getting sucked up, as Ronin pointed out it does blow/suck, and it seems to ingest water when it stalls/you're starting it, so I imagine the same would apply to dirt!

HOWEVER, I must point out that this is just my opinion, not an instruction and in no way represents the view of all people....... :D

only joking guy's :D

[ January 26, 2002: Message edited by: Guy ]

Guy, I was sitting here reading over the posts and I realized something with my train of thought. On Buells it is simply impossible to place the crankcase breather before the filter due to the fact that the filter is the inlet track for the airbox. Without properly thinking through all this I ruled out venting the breather to the airbox in the rally cry of "good for the goose good for the gander". Of course I never thought of the fact that routing it to the airbox before the filter would....well....filter the oily air on the way in and when air passes through a filter it is both slightlty raised in temperature and I am sure that all the thermal differences are dissapated during the filtering process. with all that said, tomorrow I will be placing my crankcase breather with PCV valve into the airbox of my WR before the filter.



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This supersedes all previous notices.

:) Thats it man, I'm sueing you for a new keyboard! I laughed so much I shorted the blo*dy thing! :D

Oh dear how long did it take you to type that lot?!?! :D

Keep it on the back wheel!


WOAH....I Feel a group HUG comming on!....I love you guy's


A picture is worth a thousand words unless you are Ronin damn, talk about a windbag :D Draw a picture of the system that Nige UK describes and you will find that it works just like Yamaha intended it too, it will suck/blow out of the down tube until obstructed by water in which it will suck through a slightly more restricted filter element by the airbox. But then again I have run mine stock for years here in California without any problems.

SoCal, sorry but I built the closet into a Garage. Maybe you and Blue Boner could do the group hug thing :D The doctor says its still ok to watch!!! :)

Huge Blue Boner :D

Howard your scarrin me! :D I don't think your cured near as much as you make out to be :)


There you go bringing me into this, you guys are funny :D a truly entertaing yet informative post. Guy, Ronin, and SoCal were there for the entertainment whilst (Nige UK) came up with the most inteligent and thrifty way of solving the that by your local Yamaha dealer :)

Kudos to Nige, HUGE

what about people like me who don't cross any rivers? should i still worry about the breather hose? i have a bash plate on my bike, and the breather sits on it. when this area gets covered with muck, will the breather hose suck this up into the engine?

(oh, and i thought i was the only dickhead on this site. i have company!)

:) OH Boy! am I glad there's a LOT of water between us.......... :D

Guy, it took hours and hours to type. copy-paste I stole it from a professors parody site of our town. the prof made it to show his students how basically everything on the internet is B-S. for fun factor, imagine people coming here for the specticals, and then suing the city. it really happens every year, canadians come down to see the submarines in Minnesota and are very dissapointed. check it out, it is hilarous



:D:D:D Ronin, that is superb, the man deserves a medal! The scary thing is, it is almost believable.....I wonder how much a flight is......... :D:)

Now back to the breather issue. My WR450 has the breather hose routed to the fitting at the top of the air boot just in front of the air box. There is a significant oily residue (no dirt- just oil) in the air boot every time I clean the filter. And I have no problem leaving it as it is because my bike runs extremely well. No jetting issues, no hard starting issues, just a mountain of horsepower pretty much everywhere. It concievably could run better without the breather tube in it's current configuration, and with a fine attempt at rejetting (still has all stock jets except for a YZ needle) but I can't see how it could run much better at all.

I'm leaving my breather where it is.

:) Ohhh my head hurts! so your bike runs fine with the breather in the inlet boot...... I might still try it then...I suppose that if it runs like a pig then I can blank off the boot and run it into the airbox......Hmmnnn

I'll post when I've made my monumentous descision :D:D (with findings of course!)

How much oil gets pushed thru the tube? I have to add about a quarter quart (say that 3 times fast) of oil after every ride. Is this normal? The bike seems to run great and doesn't seem to burn oil (no blue smoke out of the exhaust). I bought the bike used, so I don't know how well the old owner broke her in. Haven't checked the plugs yet, just thought of it.


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