Most fun place's to ride

Your most fun place to ride and why. Maybe also where it is. I watched Dave's helmet cam from Arrowhead and that looks cool. You can do it TTer's.


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Moab is by far the funnest place to ride! There are miles and miles of trails, loads of different terrain, and spectacular views.

My favorite ride in Moab for scenery is Poison Spider Mesa. The view of the fins is phenomenal and there is a variety of terrain to challenge your biking skills.

For pure technical riding, I go for Behind the Rocks. Tons of rock ledges, miles of sand and even some sand dunes! What a blast!


Moab is my #2 for most fun. If you want an all-out motorcycle playground try Swingarm City (Cainville, Utah) at the southern end of the San Rafael Swell. It has been featured in many freestyle Moto-X videos and puts sand dunes to shame. Endless miles of clay dirt hills and ridges to just go nuts on. Wish I had some helmet cam of it-hopefully we'll get some in the next few months.


Is Cainville, UT just east of highway 191 (6)? I have seen a lot of freestyle action on the way to Moab, but I didn't know that it was accessible to the public.

By the way, we didn't get to Moab this weekend. With the weather turning sour, we didn't want to do the Spanish Fork death canyon! We will probably try to make the trip at the end of February after the Olympics. I'll e-mail you when we get a new date.


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I live at the top of the Cajon Pass and am lucky enough to be able to roll up the garage door and ride all over around here. Lots of cool trails and even Ty Davis's practice loop is nearby.

Any day that I wake up in the morning and any place I can ride is the greatest.


OK, I think riding from Santo Tomas to Old Mill in Baja. Start out on the bluffs overlooking the ocean, then drop down onto the beach for 5th gear pinned along the beach. That's fun!

Also, I kinda like riding around Hollister with my kids...that's fun too!


CY, I think you are real close. I do love that beach run until it turns to rock. I still love the burn from San Quintin to Catavina over the Score Course (&%$#@! Head Pass and Donniger Ridge), just wish the bar in Catavina was a little more jumpin.

The view from the Observitory is pretty cool also.


I was wondering if you could take the beach all the way to old mill. We headed to San Quintin from the the shipwreck (running real low on fuel) Can you follow the beach all the way around to Old Mill? I'll be down there in March. If so it would make the ride even better.

I don't think you can make it all the way around. It seems like we always go too far down the beach before bailing out. The beach ends and there are steep cliffs, might be better on a real low tide. When you run out of beach just back track until you can get over the dune. Have fun.

I'd have to "second" the Moab vote. Poison Spider/Gold Bar Rim/"Crevice of Death" is pretty awesome...not to mention Kane Creek is quite an excellent ride.

Given that, consider Ouray/Telluride, CO. Not much in terms of technical riding...but the scenery is hands-down the best in the state! Many, many 13K+ rides...mostly old mining/jeep roads, but spectacular!

Crested Butte, CO doesnt suck either!

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