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OH NO!!! Countershaft broke

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I have a 2001 XR400 with the so called new and improved 18mm countershaft that should not have broken, should not have broken. See the problem. Anyways it snapped just inside the right case and now I have to tear it apart. The sad part is it must have broke when I tried to kick it, the kickstarter froze and then I did a stupid thing and bump started the engine to see if it was seized. Needles to say it started and the idler gear ground around for a few seconds and trashed the clutch basket. I haven't split the cases yet so I don't know if there is any other damage. Can anyone tell me how difficult it is to split the cases, any special tools needed, any advice on replacing the countershaft. Does anyone know if you can drill out the rivets on the back of the clutch basket and replace them and the springs. One of the springs is broken from where the idler gear hit it. The basket itself is not damage and neither is the gear, just the rivets were ground a little and the spring broken. Any and all help is appreciated. :applause:

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