Front wheel question

Just noticed this morning that if I hold the front brake and press forward, the wheel moves back/forth just a can feel it. Do my wheel bearings just need to be repacked or do I have bigger problems?'s an '02 426.



i had the same question.. mine was the floating brake caliper in the front, it moves a little bit, but not enough to affect anything.

The "play" you are feeling is the way the front disc is made. It is made in 2 pieces 1 outside and 1 inside they are joined with round bushings--at these bushings there is a little bit of play; this is where the play is coming from. I experienced this quite a while ago and thought something was wrong also. No problems with your front disc this is normal.

Wheel bearings need to be replaced when you get side to side movement from the entire wheel/tire

Thanks for the info guys. I don't have any side to side, hopefully I'm all good.

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