Brand new 450F - won't start...

Not sure if I should worry...its 32 here in Boston but has been much colder and bike was locked up in the shed.

I kicked the hell out of it and tried to jump start it. Nothing... (fyi started fine out of the showroom when I picked it up last week)

I assume its flooded and I have to wait until I try again. Any hints?

That's the borderline temp for mine. I saw a tip on here and it works great. Take a hair dryer and warm up the cylinder, head and carb. Only takes about 3 minutes and then mine starts first or second kick vs not starting at all. Of course if it's flooded and freshly flooded you have to pull the plug but just wait an hour after you flood it and the hair dryer thing works well.

I don't know about the 06'-07' models, but on my 2004 model; anything below 40 degrees, and you pretty much have to first give the throttle two or three twists, to get her rich enough. If I use two or three twists, i'm fine, but anything less than that, and she won't like to kick over.

At 40 degrees or higher, DON'T use the throttle at all.

Hope this helps.

All set!!!

I warmed it with a hair dryer, gave it 2 blips and then held the throttle 1/8th open while I kicked it with the choke open.

That did it!

The cold weather can really try your patience. I was doing this while I was charging the battery on my WR trying to get THAT one started.

Thanks all

This happened to me yesterday! I brought home my brand new '05 450F last week. She's been sitting out in the trailer since then, but yesterday was sunny (yet cold, 35 degrees f) so I said "What the Hell!" and thought I would go out and try starting the bike for the first time. Well, nothing happened, so I got very frustrated and thought maybe the throttle had been opened.

I also wondered about the spark plug since the bike had been sitting at the dealers for so long.

Any other advice?? I was so worried & pissed!:applause:

See my post three posts above.....

Below 40 degrees, You should rotate the throttle two or three times to get a squirt of fuel from the accelerator pump.

When above 40 degrees, DON'T use the throttle at all. This regiment is listed in the manual.

New plug, 3 twists of the throttle, then kick and BAM she's alive:thumbsup:

I had trouble with my 07 yz450 when I bought it. if you shut the choke off and hold the hot start open it should start if not just go back and forth with choke on and off while holding the hot start open.

kick it like 3 times and give it 2 full throttles, works everytime, reason it works is the acc pump sprays gas into there, just only a couple though and then give it some kicks, then maybe a couple more if it still hadnt started, it sound start to want to fire up after the first time though.

Thanks everyone! Will try this week, it's supposed to be warmer here, too.

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