Needle seat removal

I'm guessing it's just stuck - but I'm in the midst of uncorking doing the carb work. I changed the needle with the HRC needle, and took the bottom of the carb apart to change the jets. I removed the main jet and holder, but the needle seat isn't coming out.

Is there a trick to getting it out?

Thanks, I feel like an idiot right now.

Fortunately, I got it out- needed to tap on the top of the carb to drop it out. Unfortunately, it dropped and I didn't see which way it was situated.

With the carb upside down and dropping the new needle seat into the tube over the needle, which end goes in first? The big hole or the small hole? You can't tell in the manual.

OK, for the next guy - it only goes together one way. If you put it in the wrong direction, the seat holder won't screw on.

OK, done talking to myself. :applause:

Good info, thanks! Bummer to ask a question and not get an answer, eh? I didn't see your post -- but then again I didn't have the answer either.

A little to late but, the seat that comes with the HRC needle is the same as stock. At least I mic'ed mine and they were the same. No need to change it.

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