OK guys, anyone with insight on this would be greatly appreciated. I have an '05 with a stock spring rate of 5.3 and can't get my sag set correctly. I used the spring rate calculator on the race tech site and it says suggested rate is 5.44 kg. The available springs nearest to that are 5.4 and then 5.6kg. I am ready to buy one and my thinking is that I should go up to the 5.6kg rather than lower to the 5.4kg. Does anyone think I'll be worse off at that or better off? I am anywhere between 184 to 195 depending on time of day, how much I eat, and whether or not I've visited the john or not :applause: , hehe...... Anyway, I,m ready to order it so I can get my rear shock back together and was hopeful someone faced the same dilema and what they did or wish they did....



It's pretty common to go up one spring rate from Racetech's recommendation. I believe they base their calculator on the suspension using the gold valves as well, so get the 5.6...SC

Cool, thanks a bunch Steve......... I am gonna go to the 5.6 and probably get valving done from Too Tech as soon as I get extra cash! :applause:


While I agree with SC that the Racetech calculator is a little on the soft side, you might want to check with your suspension tuner if you're having it done. Some shops like the spring on the softer side and make up for it with valving and some like stiffer.

I'm no expert, though.

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