07 WR 450 tank issues

A few weeks back I posted a question about my 07 WR's fuel tank, breather house constantly leaks fuel. I switched the one way valve (several times), switched gas caps(3 different caps) and still have fuel leaking either from the the end of the vent hose or where the hose hooks into the gas cap. It does not matter how much fuel, as soon as the trail gets bumpy out comes the gas. I'm not sure if it's a pressure thing or what.

Any suggestions?

i have a 2008 and mine leaks like crazy what an irritation. did you ever solve it?

I fixed mine. Check the vent hose. I used to have mine angled forward from the top of the cap to the groove under the handle bar pad. I pulled it back some so the little grey valve is pointing staight up. Problem solved. I top it off and no leakage.

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