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The Grand Finale Kouba List...PLEASE KOUBA ORDERES VERIFY!!!

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I have posted abreviated names, with house #'s.

Also is the amount paid.

If you are supposed to be on this list, but don't see your name, give me an e-mail ASAP:


We'll get it fixed in short order!! :D

This will be updated until midnight Thursday, January 24, midnight eastern standard time.

After that, any orders are S.O.L. :)

This will be updated DAILY, so no one freak on me! I still have some names that have to here.

This list will be absolutely updated and perfect prior to the order being placed on Friday, 01/25, afternoon.

Norm will get the order on Friday afternoon. I SHOULD get them in New Hampshire Wed/Thur. I will be shipping them within 24 hours. Then you guys get to go crazy screwing with your pilot screws! :D

names w/ ** are for DRZ-"S" model. If you need an "S" and don't see it, talk to me baby :D !!

Or vice versa.

Haven't forgotten you Belgium!!

Ada, Ran 230 Duson 13.00

Alb, Den, 1836 Erie, 13.00

Arm, Mic 1162 Fillmore, 13.00

Bal, Dav 10212 Albuquerque 13.00

Bar, Mar 628 Newbury 24.00

Bax, Jef 32667 Temecula, 13.00

**Bea, Chr 521 Victoria 13.00

Bla, Rob 8309 Stockton 13.00

Bov, Tob Sidensvansvägen 13.00

Boy, Mar 653 Louisville 24.00

Bra, Mar 157 Kennewick 13.00

Bum, Ric 2401 Ocoee 13.00

Bun, Gre 3425 North Las Vegas 24.00

Bus, Bre 329 Mankato 13.00

Cac, Jef 2708 Lorain 26.00

Cal, Mik 1059 East Wenatchee 24.00

Cam, Bret 6043 Taylor 13.00

Car Lou 9875 Westminster 13.00

Cla, Rob 4212 Salida 13.00

Clo, Woo 303 Post Falls 13.00

Coo, Dav 115 Muncie 13.00

Crad, Ver 3741 Sparks 13.00

Dan, Dav 208 Santee 13.00

Dirtnut67@.com pending/mail

Dys, Chr 1461 Ridgecrest 24.00

Esp, Ill 32217 Temecula 13.00

Fox, Mic 1705 Anacortes 20.00

Fra, Ric 604 Howell 13.00

Fra, Dav 6120 Cumming 13.00

Gag, Jon 4442 San Diego 13.00

Gal, Sta 1920 Los Angeles 13.00

Goo, Mic 13930 Centreville 13.00

Hal, Jon 1 Somerville 13.00

**Ham, Joe 2038 Baton Rouge 13.00**

Hec, Eri 817 Toms River 13.00

Hor, Mic 15290 Gulfport 13.00

Hya, Jam 4210 Spokane 13.00

Jac, Jay 13315 Vancouver 24.00

Jac, Sco ????????

**Joh, Mic 850 Port Elgin 13.00**

Jejb@.net pending

Kel, Mic 2120 Norristown 24.00

Kir, Gre 2236 Denver 13.00

Klo, Mik 1088 Taylorsville 13.00

Kra, Tom 68694 Cathedral City 35.00

Kri, Shaw 1704 Austin 13.00

Kul, Ken 104 Harrisburg ??

Lan, Guy 10102 Owasso 13.00

Lan, Ste 14 Laguna Niguel 13.00

Lar, Gar 240 Pasco 24.00

Le, Vu 290 Lewisville 13.00

Lea, Bra 2210 Atlanta ??

Leg, Dav 461 Palm Bay 24.00

Lip, Dav 78745 La Quinta 24.00

Mag, Ron 2119 Benwood 13.00

Mar, Dan 5913 Oklahoma City 57.00

Mar, Ale 880 Vacaville 13.00

Mee, Ric 667 W Portsmouth 13.00

Mil, Tho 1510 Visalia 24.00

Moo, Eri 1608 Deer Park 24.00

Nas, Geo 199 Hewitt 13.00

Nia, Ran 2632 Fort Lauderdale 13.00

Nic, Mik 12803 Long Beach 13.00

**Nils, Sco 112 Milton 13.00**

Nor, Dou 8475 Parker 13.00

O’Sh, Mic 4335 Topeka 13.00

Pea, Sco 4950 Ladner 11.00

Penn, Jef 1308 Fuquay-Varina 13.00

Pen, Oll 4188 Culver City ??

Pie, Dar 1331 Chico 13.00

Pie, Jim 2720 Grand Junction 13.00

Pre Per 362 Waretown 24.00

Pri, Cyr 1492 Salt Lake City 13.00

Rea, Ant 7 Newman 13.00

Roc, Dan 621 Louis de France 13.00

Ros, Ran 208 Lyndhurst 13.00

San, Rob 13818 San Antonio 13.00

**Sco, Ash Aukland 13.00**

Sha, Tom 205 Bethalto 24.00

She, Phil 614 Harker Heights 13.00

Sho, Ric 10216 Albuquerque 13.00

Shu, Sco 1013 Tega Cay 13.00

Sie, Don 4480 Los Angeles 13.00

Smi, Pat 2304 Sacremento 13.00

Sta, Ste 6953 Sylvania 24.00

Ste, Ste 4335 Loveland 13.00

Sto, Rob 138 Franklin 13.00

**Stu, Joh 1191 Lawrence 24.00**

Sum, Sco 1039 Seattle 13.00

Tay, Chr 332 Madison 13.00

Tem, Kir 4351 Lakewood 13.00

Tho, Dua 655 Grand Junction 13.00

Tus, Ric 1130 Sugar Land 13.00

**Van, Ste 54 Brampton 13.00**

Van, Gre, 1100 Spokane 13.00

Ver, Tho 8405 Colorado Springs24.00

Vin, Jim 1521 Bergen 13.00

Wal, Cha 427 Tulsa 13.00

War, Eri 12201 Philly 13.00

Wen, Eri 6640 Colorado Springs35.00

Wes, Ste 21215 Bend 13.00

Wes, Mic 4545 Hooper 13.00

Wil, Ted 14 Berlin 13.00

Wil, Jef 1404 Friendswood 13.00

Woo, Lee 24.00

[ January 19, 2002: Message edited by: NH Kevin ]

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Round 2

Bau, Bil, 313, Renton, 24.00

Bla, Bri, 6218, Crestwood, 13.00

Bot, Joh, 2801, Bakersfield, 13.00

Bra, Eri, 945, Jane Lew, 13.00

Bru, Joh, 5182, Rochester, 24.00

Buth, Ste, 3634, Aurora, 13.00

Car, Ren, 1189, Canton, 13.00

Col, Chr, 419, Nephi, 13.00

Har, Rob, 5285, Warren, 13.00

Lut, Joh, 5156, Denver, 13.00

Mea, Rod, 10200, Lakewood, 13.00

Moo, Eri, 1608, Deer Park, 24.00

Smit, Trav????????????????????

Sve, Erv, 3500, The Dalles, 13.00

Whi, Jos, 455, Tempe, 13.00

Woka77@ .com Australia, ??.??

Typo’s from first listing

Barn, Bill 628, Newbury Park 24.00

Schu, Sco, 1013, Tega Cay, 13.00

Again Feller’s, if you are supposed to be on here, and you are not,






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You are something else. You not only have sold more "T" handles than

anyone, but

every time you start a new sale on ThumperTalk the orders coming in here


from the exposure. My machinist wants to know if you are eating these


We can supply that order but would like to know how many are for the

DRZ400 "E"

models. The reason I ask is we have some "T" handles that are not

drilled quite

deep enough to fit properly on the DRZ400 "E" models, no problem on the


brands/models, as hitting the starter is not a problem. Our next batch

will fit

all, but may not have enough of them in hand by Friday 1/25/02, assuming

they all

have to fit the Suzuki DRZ "E" model. Do you want them packaged the

same as

last time? I counted like 76 singles, 19 doubles, 2 triples, one for 5,

and a

few ??? You've done good again Kevin, let me know what we can do for


Thanks much. Sooo-Haapppyyyy :-) :-)



Dr. DR

Home of the Kouba Link


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RCVD in U.S. mail today, 01/22/02:

Bot, Joh, 2801, Bakersfield, $13.00

Ero, Dav, 1738 Hollywood, $13.00

Pen, Oll, 4188, Culver City, $13.00

Van, Gre, 1100, Spokane, $15.00

Vin, Jim, 1521, Bergen, $13.00

Woo, Lee, 3703, Bakersfield, $24.00 (1)

(1) THANKS :) for the card!!

NO DRZ-E or S in this group...(???)

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Kevin, I hope Dr. DR is paying you a spiff or something for all your efforts!!!!!!!!! Thanks for taking the time & effort for all of us new Kouba owners.

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No Fella's. I have not run off to Mexico (Canada is MUCH closer).

I have been brutally wicked busy w/ installing a sink, shoveling a GIANT driveway by hand (w/ a soup spoon :) ), my snowblower drive system is toasted-although I do have all the parts, doing about 6 loads of family laundry, preparing a steak dinner for my family, blah-blah-blah.

I have been doing all this work at my job, but have been off since Monday afternoon. Pay Pal runs a little slow on posting. I am posting all Pay Pal transactions today, going throug hthe hotmail to update "S" and "E" Kouba's.

My ASOLUTE SINCEREST apoligies to you Dave at may.edu for not getting back to you. I had put you in my fix file that I have not got a chance to go through. I try and do the U.S. mail guys ASAP before someone cleans my paperwork up for me!

I hope to be posting very soon, and yes today!!

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Alright Fella’s, Here we go!!

Updates on DRZ’s

**Bla, Rober “E”**

**Blan, Bri “S”**

**Bov, Tob “E”**

**Carp, Lou “E”**

**Craw, Ver “E”**

**Hec, Eric “E”**

**Hya, Jam “E”**

**Mart, Ale “E”**

**Went, Eri “E”**

Austin E.N., 1200, Grants Pass, PENDING

**Aasales@gorge pay pal request “E” **

Bar, Kur, 22109, Torrance, $57.00

Bau, Bil, 313, Renton, 24.00

Bec, Shan, 4026, Petroskey, 13.00

**Ben, 741, Provo, 13.00 “E”**

Blan, Bri, 6218, Crestwood, 13.00

Bleubook@ Pay Pal request

Bor, Car, 4871, Oakland Park, 13.00

**Bur, Mik, 841, 13.00 “S”**

CADBUZZ 13.00 pending via mail

Car, Ren, 1189, Canton, 13.00

Cas, Chri, 1140, Simi V., 24.00

Col, Chr, 419, Nep, 13.00

Cox, War, Melbourne, pending Pay Pal

**Cro, Jef, 225, Claremont, 13.00 “S” **

Est, Mar, 22544, W. hills, 13.00

Fre, Sco, 1211, Rhinelander, 24.00

Gar, Dal, 7254, Dublin, 24.00

Gru, Dav, 3728, Rochester, 13.00

Har, Rob, 5285, Warren, 13.00

**Het, Cra, 11744, Cooper C., 13.00 “E”**

**Hol, Ric, 171, Versailles, 13.00, “E”**

How, Win, 61, Bristol, 13.00

**Jon, Bri, 2066, Lumby, 13.00 “E”**

Lam, Geo, 50, Springfield, 13.00

Log, Joh, 180, Homer, 13.00

Low, Ran, 912, Merkel, 24.00

Maj, Dav, u.s. mail pending

**Mar, Her, 1835, Chandler, 13.00 “E”**

Mar, Don, 2892, S. Boardman, 13.00

**McC, Tyl, 608, Cedar Park, 90.00 **5 – “E”s**

McG, Jam, 1535, Allentown, 24.00

Mea, Bri, 341, Santa R., 13.00

Ols, Dav, jr. pending (24.00?)

Rei, Bob, 33910, Harrisburg, 24.00

**Sav, Kev, 1429, Scarborough, 13.00 “S”**

Sev, Jef, 9737, Littleton, 13.00 U.S. mail

Smi, Tra, 21473, Saugus, 13.00

Sul, Dan, 363, San C., 13.00, US mail

**Sve, Erv, 3500, The Dalles, 13.00 “E”**

Tho, Ste, 2320, Woodlands, 13.00

Ton, Ste, 702, Fox Rve, 24.00

Waa, jay, 17280, Becker, 13.00 mail pending

Wis, Jas, 2127, Pittsburg, 24.00

Way, Rem, 2176, Denver, 13.00

Yar, Chu, 1815, Morgan H., 13.00

*****Also, there may be a misunderstanding. I DO NOT work for Norm Kouba, I DO NOT own a bike shop, repair shop, accessory shop. I just did this deal all on my own. Just trying to help out fellow thumpertalkers, that’s all. I work for an electric power plant. My only connection w/ motorcycles is my WR400 and Thumpertalk.

That’s all.

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I have a few more guys to add still. If you DON'T see your name here,


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Aust, E.N. 1200 Grants Pass, 13.00

Bail, Jac 2200 Nashville 35.00

**Balz, Rob 3541 Lonmont, 13.00** E**

Cox, War 18 Manna Court 13.00

Ern, Dav 2033 Tempe, 13.00

Ferc, Ste 4723 Calgary, 13.00

Good, Phi 125 Fayetteville 13.00

Key, Lar 331 North Wilkesborro, 13.00

Lobet, Jos 7790 Winter Park 13.00

**Rusc, Bru 1077 Mississauga 13.00**S

Saar, Bru 580 Kelowna 13.00

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Tessie, R. $35.00 (so far, no record...)

Sav, Kev 1429, Ontario "S" $13.00

Magneto Boy "S"

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Keep in mind Canada is closer but as a Canadian you will not be able to hide from your TT brothers! I will come for you on my WR400 and exact the justice for my TT brothers: You can ride but not hide Omer er I mean Kevin!

'least not in Canada



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