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Hey Outlawpowersports

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I am asking for a neighbor...he came to me with a Pepboys ad that had a knockoff 125 for $999, and asked me what I thought. (I have a CRF450, DRZ SM, TTR125, and occassionally other bikes...so I am the resident expert)

Immediately, I told him to NOT buy a bike from a Pepboys, or any other retailer that knows nothing about bikes.

I suggested Orion, SSR, RCM etc...but realized I have no idea where to get any of these.

My emphasis was on a reputable dealer that will support a purchase if it arrives DOA, or with some issues, as well as provide future support. And I informed him that I was in a similar position...looking at the Pitster midsize (X2R) bike, and was likely ordering mine online due to the solid reputations of some of the online vendors in Thumpertalk, Planet50s, and Supermoto Junkie.

The kid is almost 10, and very heavy set (Probably 125lbs).... He is large for his age. Probably too large for a CRF50. The dad also indicated that he would like to be able to ride it as well, but nothing remotely aggressive.

I know that he would be more inclined to part with $600-$700, and that it might result in a second sale shortly thereafter. I just do not want to make a recommendation, and have the bike needing major parts just to be ridable

My questions:

Would these bikes be way too much for him? (fortunately, he rides bicycles)

We are in CA, so what bike(s) do you recommend that have greensticker compliance?

I am sure that I will have more comments coming up, but this is all for now.



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We'll to make the answer to your question simple. Pitster is the only brand bike we sell that is CA. green sticker approved. If he has not ridden dirt bikes before the Pitster will be a lot of bike for him to handle, but he will not soon out grow it, once he gets the reigns on it, plus his dad will love to ride it.

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