xr650l do i need o ring, can i go standard 520?

Hi. I've got a 94 honda that'll stay on the street. Do i have to use a o ring chain? i'm just putting new jt brand sprockets on, and need to know which chain standard, or o ring i should buy. Thanks, ryan

you can use a non o-ring chain, but why would you, the only advantages are less drag, which if your looking for maximum performance, your on the wrong machine & second, the cost. Rocky Mountain has their brand on chain (Primary Drive, I have one on my XL) & it's very affordable and works great:thumbsup:

How do you clean an O ring chain without adversely affecting the O rings? Back in the day on non O ring chains (before they existed) I used to just remove the chain soak it in a pan of gas, brush it off with a wire brush then hang to dry, soak in 90 weight gear oil and reinstall.

An O or X-ring chain in conjunction with a steel rear sprocket will provide the longest lasting combination. I have been cleaning my O-ring chains for years simply by keeping them free of oil and grease and spraying WD-40 or a similar water displacer on the chain. If you use chain lube, the sticky lube attracts dirt/grime/crud and turns the chain- sprocket combo into a self-destructing grinding machine.

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