Repacking Moriwaki Muffler

At the risk of this being a stupid question, do I have to repack the muffler on my XRR's Moriwaki exhaust? It's all riveted together, doesn't look like it was meant to be taken apart?

Also, there are profiled strips of rubber that go under the two clamps around the muffler. Those have pretty much disintegrated and are gone. Is this a standard off the shelf item and do you guys know where I can order some?

Thanks, 4Takt

Anyone? Seems there were a few guys on here who were running the Moriwaki.

Yes, I drilled out the rivets and repacked mine. It was due to a bad crash and I had to reshape the muffler (inlet side). I think it would take at least 10k miles to actualy need repacking? Maybe a lot more..... I packed mine too tight and that makes it louder.

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