Best pipe for 2005 XR650r

Looking to buy a pipe or full system for my XR650r and jet kit. Which is the best pipe to fit the bike to gain the most horse power, but not to overly loud.

I have the xr's only stainless steel exhaust with the full disc kit. not as loud as the stock uncorked exhaust. good sound and nice power and really a good looking pipe

Asking for the "best", "most power" but "not too loud" is kind of a hard question to answer. There are some compromises but also some options that could get you what you are looking for. "Best" is somewhat a subjective thing according to your type of riding, what you want or the price you are willing to pay. I will try to help with some general info for you to consider. So here goes.

The reverse megaphone style mufflers, (mufflers with coned shaped pipes leading to the muffler body) in general seam to produce the most power, especially in the midrange to top end over standard straight walled piped mufflers. Such examples are the Pro Circuit T4, the XRs Only muffler and the older generation White Bros. Pro Meg. There may be others. I believe the FMF Powercore had or has a reverse megaphone pipe but also had or has a different "square" core. I have read in the past that the Powercore mufflers do not work the greatest though, (maybe due to the core style).

Many megaphone type mufflers are louder though. Some may be 'silent insert' compatible to quiet them down, so maybe that could be something to look into.

You will have to sacrifice some power for lower sound, there seams to be no real way around it. You can get standard straight piped & quieter mufflers that still produce pretty good power though. There is some compromise that needs to be accepted.

Headers are going to be another choice depending on where you want your power. The stock header is great for trail riding and generally pretty good all around with a good free flowing muffler. The top end does fall off short with the stock header though for wide open type riding. A megaphone style muffler will help get the most mid-top power out of the stock header. Now if you want your power range stepped up with more midrange and top end, you will want a better flowing header. All aftermarket headers will do this but will provide somewhat different power spread characteristics. I think headers like The FMF Hi-Flo or the XR's Only header retain good low end power while still adding a good rush to the midrange and top end.

Then you have the headers with what appear to be somewhat free'er flowing collectors,(where the two pipes meet) such as the Pro circuit and FMF Powerbomb headers. They should give a bit more high midrange thru top end but maybe a somewhat softer low/low midrange power than the previously mentioned headers.

Then their is the larger diameter piped systems such as the Big gun, Moriwaki & Acrapovic system types. These will give the most wide open, top end performance possibilities but will most likely lack some of the low end punch of the standard diameter piped headers. These last headers should work best with motor mods such as larger cams.

if you are looking for more power and looking to go really fast go to your local yamaha dealer and inquire about a wr 450 ha ha birch

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