What to look for when buying used?

Hey everybody, in the next few months me and a couple of friends are going to be picking up three used xr650r's. I currently do all of my own maintaince on my familys 11 different bikes, quads and Odys. I have done everything from complete rebuilds (wr400), to the basic lube and oil change. On these three bikes we plan on running them down in baja as fun bikes, not racing. We want to get three bikes that are the same for parts interchangeability, and the xr650r seems like a bike that can handle a lot of abuse with normal maintaince. But what should I be looking for? Hig miles vs low miles? Are there any years that have better suspension or any other factory mods that are desirable? Any years that are problemamatic? Obviously the things that will be on all the bikes are guards, pipe, de-smoged and suspension set for indvidual riders. Can anybody give me any thoughts about which parts wear on the 650's, and how to check them? I hope to compile a used buying checklist, as I know that whatever problems are hiding and lurking in the bike I will have to fix, and I really need to minimize the break downs considering that we will be using the bikes miles and miles from any parts source. Any thoughts and advice would be appreciated

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