YZ 426 question

Hey YZ folks,

I am going to look you could at a 2002 yz426 on wendsday and wonder if you could give me any advice on what to look for. From the pics the bike looks really clean and in good shape. The guy said he rode it mostly with his kids, no racing. He is the 2nd owner but from appearances the first guy did not ride it much either. Do these bikes come with a factory engine guard? What's a reasonable price, he's asking 2550. I thought maybe offering 2300 and maybe going to 2400 if it looks as good in person as it does in pics. I have heard these bikes are very reliable, do you agree? Any opinions would be appreciated.:applause:

The 426 does have a gaurd for the oil lines and a skid plate. If you can get cheaper, that would be great but he is not far off in price if it is nice. I love my 00 and the 02 has most of the updates that matter. I would do the auto decompression cam update. I did it to mine and it makes it alot better to start.

I would look at the skid plate and the bottom of the frame to see it it has been bottomed out hard. I am very happy with my '01 426 and am hoping to upgrade to the auto decompression cam this spring! they can be a little tricky to start, so make sure he shows you the starting procedure! Be sure to post some pics! :applause:

you can sorta tell if it has been ridden lots if there is alot of wear on the frame where your boots rub and if the stator cover and the clutch cover are all marked up, But it won't tell you how hard it was ridden. seems like a good price

Good luck

Compression test

Price isn't far off. they are hard to find for less than $2K, especially if it's in the shape you're describing. post some pics & have fun...

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