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CT-90 Problems

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I own a 1972 CT-90 and it will not idle. If I keep turning in the screw, there is a point where the idle suddenly takes off very high. other than that, it won't keep running by itself. also, it has very low compression and needs rings, but i cannot figure out how to take the timing chain off for the overhead cam. one last thing: after I took it apart to try and take that chain off(no it does not appear to have a master link) I have spark, but when i try to start it, it backfires and wont run. I have tried push-starting which is very easy, but i think the problem may be now that I loosened the head, it has such low compression(because of the head gasket) that it will not run!!!!

ANY THOUGHTS?? I have a new battery and it keeps fouling plugs by the way (when it runs) :applause:

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