KTM supermoto wheel to fit WR426

Hello everybody! i have searched and searched for this but have not found a definite answer. does anybody have the rear wheel bearing numbers for KTM 20mm cushion drive wheels bearings? i need it so i can cross reference to make sure i can get that size bearing with a 22mm I.D. for the yamaha rear axle. i believe both the KTM and Yamaha have 20mm front axles so i should be good to go there but i wanted to make sure i can get the correct bearings before i order KTM 17" wheels. Thanks in advance for all your help! :applause:

Why are you buying KTM wheels? For the cush drive?

i have a '99 WR400, and am debating the whole 17" wheel thing right now. Sure if i had money to burn, i would just order a new set, but i am looking for used, and was thinking about the necessity of buying specific WR400 wheels.

The question is, other than the axle diameter, are you sure that the KTM wheels will fit? what about the front disc location, will it line up with the caliper? same goes for the rear disc and sprocket. Also, what size is the rear? I think i remmeber reading that the WR does not like rims wider than 4.5" in back. what size is the KTM rear?

have you finished your conversion? I would be interested in what you ended up doing.

yes im going to use the KTM wheels for the rear cush drive. i have already bought the front wheel but havent made the bushings yet. you can use either the 26 or the 20 up front and i found a used 26mm that i bought. i can make it fit with only making the new alum bushings. the rear im jsut going to have to buy and make and see if i can make it fit. im possitive that i can make it one way or another. i have a feeling i will have to make spacers for the sprocket and for the brake rotor. you can get the ktm rear as a 4.25" or 5.0". im going with the 4.25 because it will be a tight fit with that on my 426 i think with the way i have measured it already. have you started your switch over yet? if i get it to work real easy i will probably make up a few kits and try to get back a lil money for my effort or just post the dimension on what needs made to help you guys out that can make your own parts.

The wr's will accept a 5" in threar as long as its offset correctly, or a roller is tapped sideways on the swingarm to keep the chain from cutting in... lots of articles on this over at http://supermotojunkie.com

ya im a member over there too but i refuse to offset the wheel. but i will have a chain roller on there just incase for the sideways chain movement. i want both wheels centered, no offset at all centered in the forks and swingarm. im just too picky i suppose. :applause:

You can make it happen... an offset does not affect handling in anyway though, but i understand...

Did you get them on?

I've recently fitted a set of 17" wheels to my 426. I couldn't get 22mm ID bearings to fit the wheels so instead I got a 20mm rear axle and made 2 thin sleeves to go over the axle to make it 22mm where it goes though the swing arm. Worked a treat :thumbsup:

yap ive had them on for several months now and many many miles on them. they work great!!! just had to modify the stock KTM bushings on the rear and the rear caliper bracket needed a little metal taken off of it. and make new bushing for the front 26mm wheel. :banana:

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