Any tips on removing master link on O-ring chain?

I have a Regina ORN6 chain on my '06 YZ450 and I wanted to remove it for cleaning. The only problem is I cant seem to get the master link off. I am sure I could if I used more persuasive methods but I dont wanna ruin the master link. Any ideas????

I'll assume you have the clip off, and that you have found the outer plate difficult to remove because it's pressed in place. I use a chain breaker for this. But there are two basic types of chain breakers, and you can only use one for this purpose.

Chain breakers are either of the type that pushes pins through the chain or the type that pulls plates off the chain. The plate puller is the one you want.

The #805000 on the page linked here is one of these:

Alternatively, you can pry the plate off the link carefully with a small pry bar or screwdriver blade by levering under the end and prying against the adjacent link. But, you may damage the O-rings by this method.

Thanks, I was trying to pry it off but I didnt get too forceful with it and yes I did have the clip off. I will order the tool.

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