Can anybody help, yes i did a search. i have the racer sag set. i need to kno how many clicks and turns for the forks n shocks. jetting spec's:confused:



big gunn exhaust


my profile



plz anyboby


OK, i found out some jetting spec's for Big Gun exhaust.

165 main

45 pilot, ever thing else is stock settings.

if anybody could help me w/ suspension.

Suspension adjustment based on someone else's recommendations is rarely useful. There are far too many variable involved for even the best of us to be able to tell you what you should be using for suspension settings. Most of the more experienced guys here know that, and just don't answer a question like this, because they can't really directly help you that much.

But, Here' a Guide to get you started. After you fool with it a while, you'll begin to catch on. Be patient and analytical.

Send your suspension off for a revalve. The 426's suspension has potential, but it sucks from the factory. I sent my stuff here

Jetting (my specs, 13.5:1 piston/110 leaded race fuel)

170 main

42 pilot

JD red needle 3rd clip

Boyesen Quick Shot

thanks for the info.......I'm just going to send my suspension out. where is my next question? i would like to send somewhere in so-cal.


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