15 tooth front sprocket?

i have an 04 450f, and was interested in putting a 15 tooth front sprocket on. it doesen't look like there is enough room around the case, and especially to the case-saver. i can certainly grind the case-saver down for more clearance, but is there more to do than this?

anyone with experience?

I run a 15/49 on my '03, which is functionally identical to you '04 in that respect, and am using the original case saver without modification. It also clears the front of the chain slider. No modification of any kind was needed.

I am running a 15/48 on my 07. I had to grind the case saver down a little bit, it took about a minute to do. It works fine.

The '07 is different, because the case saver was originally made to be used with a 13 tooth sprocket. The '03/'04 came with a 14, and a different CS to match. Most OEM case savers have room for the next larger sprocket.

thank you for the info guys!

how is it with those really high gears? 15/49-48?

It pulls without a problem. On my old CR/KX 500's and my XR650 I always ran a 15/45. The YZ450 turns into a high speed missle with the 15/48 combo.

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