Need to lock up an aftermarket tank...?

In the market for an IMS or Clarke for better range but want to be able to lock the cap (gonna be parked at the highschool I teach at). Do these tanks have that provision or can I put my stock cap on any of these units?

Thanks in advance!

Pretty sure the stock cap WON'T fit ANY aftermarket tanks.

Not 100% though.

Acerbis makes a locking gas cap. Not sure if it will fit either tank. But worth a try. I have the Clarke and I am thinking of putting it on that tank. Hope that helps, Tony

I have the acerbis locking gas cap. I put it on my IMS tank. It works fine for locking the tank, but blows for actual use. The one way valve does not really work. Wont let the tank breathe, and then leaks like a bytch when off road.


Where did you buy the acerbis cap? I can't find any place that sells them! I found one that i liked (hell i'll even change it to the stock cap for a ride) but i want the piece of mind that i'll be able to go!

I went to a motorcycle store and had the parts guy order. If I am parking the bike for any length of time in public I will swap out to the locked when parked.

You're lucky, I've been to 3 local motorcycle stores with no luck =(

Just google it and you will find it. just seen it 24.95.

Pretty sure the stock cap WON'T fit ANY aftermarket tanks.

Not 100% though.

Hey SP, where you been? Haven't seen you in a while.

Hope all is well.:smirk:

Might want to think about a locking bike cover.

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