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Conventional 35mm CR80 Forks to XR100

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I've searched but haven't seen a definitive answer from someone who finally completed the task of fitting the 87-95 clamps to an XR100 (not the 96-on USD forks).

I know about shortening the forks (have done that with another set), and I know the steering stem on that generation CR80 forks is thicker than the XR and the various 86 and earlier configurations such that the bearings/race for the CR stem are too big for the XR frame.

So these are the various approaches I've seen discussed here:

1) Grind the weld off the botton of the lower XR100 clamp and press the stem out. Cut off the CR80 stem where it meets the lower CR80 clamp, and then insert and weld the XR100 stem? Has anyone actually done this?

2) Cut the CR80 stem down 1mm turned on a lathe to the dimension of the XR stem.

3) Other approaches?

I do have a set of the 76-78 CR125mm clamps and stem. The forks are 35mm and the stem accepts the same set of tapered bearings/race from All Balls/etc. The clamps are wider than the 93 CR80 clamps, though, so I don't think the disc wheel will line up unless it would work to fabricate new axle spacer and shim the caliper out.

Anyway, I'd appreciate any insight or a link to a post here or elsewhere that runs through the process to completion.

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