XR650L Shock Spring Replacement

Has anyone had any experience changing the shock spring on a late model XR650L? My riding buddy has an '07 model and has been told by a mechanic at the dealership that changing the shock spring involves replacing seals and recharging the nitrogen bottle. The dealer wanted $150 to replace the stock spring with one that my buddy bought from Race Tech. We would appreciate any help or advice.

The spring is on the outside of the shock. Just a couple of rings to unscrew and replace the spring. Race-tech also makes replacement shock internals. To put one of those in requires shock dissassembly. Then you would need seals, oil, and nitrogen.

Thanx, cleonard. That's what I thought. Should be about the same as my DRZ spring replacement.

One thing to keep in mind is that the damping rate needs to change with the spring rate. If the spring rate of the new spring is significantly different from the stock spring, the valving that controls the damping should be replaced.

In my case, I went from the stock 10.4 kg/mm spring to a 12.3 kg/mm spring. This higher spring rate would overwhelm the stock valving. Particularly the rebound. I therefore had the shock rebuilt with the right valving.

BTW, I'm 6'3" at 260##

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