Paddle tire scare(read before using one)

All my riding buddies just returned from the Baja trip we have all wanted to do for ever(after all these years they pick the last trimester of my first kid!!!!) Anyway my friend took my rear wheel and mounted a paddle tire on it for glamis on the way down. They didn't go, but when they got to Baja they unloaded and blasted down the beach. 5th gear went out on my buddies 01 WR. For the rest of the trip he rode without 5th. The bike hasn't been disassembled yet so who knows. I wouldn't think it is a serious problem if it stayed together for a week, but who knows. I'll post the findings when teardown is complete. The bike was rolled off the floor in March. The rider was the previous owner of my bike and rode mine for 2 years and the tranny is fine????????? It makes me put the blame on the paddle since it is the only variable here???? Anyway there is a Sand Pro 110/100 8 paddle that has one blast down the beach on my back rim that no one here can use. I will ask him how much he wants if anyone is interested?

It's not the paddle tire. It was just dumb luck that the gear went when it did. If paddle tires caused YZFs to munch gears than you'd be hearing about it all over this board.

I just got back from a long weekend at Dumont (racing up competetion hill [over and over], tank-long dune rides etc). Gears are fine.

Good luck on getting it back together.

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