Dimensions of XR600R -92 front axle?

Hi all,

Could someone please tell me the dimensions of the front axle from a -92 XR600R fork?

I think the main diameter should be 17 mm, but I am mainly interested in the thread size and the diameter of the part that goes in the clamp.

Also if anyone knows the bolt pattern of the clamp, that would be greatly appreciated.

The reason I am wondering is to be able to machine a new axle. :applause:

All the best,


Can you not just buy one?

The axle did change in 1992. It got larger. Which axle are you looking for 85-91 or 92-00?

Yes I could, but I am trying to make the fork fit on a DR 650 SE with the front wheel of the DR (17 mm axle). Therefore I would prefer to be able machine my own axle and make it sligtly longer in the thread and clamping part to have more adjustability.

Also I have access to a workshop where I only pay for material, so $4 of material instead of $40 for an axle (probably more since I live in Sweden) seems like a good deal to me. As I payed $60 for the forks, it hurts to spend as much on an axle and clamp.

So if anyone has an axle lying around I would be very grateful if you could measure it for me :applause:



Do you mean front wheel axle or triple clamps axle?

The first axle has a 15mm diameter.

I don't know its size, when it is in the left fork.

The triple clamps axle has a 26 mm diameter.

It fit a 26/47/15 bearing.

Hope been useful! :applause:

Thanks for the reply gbking, but what I am after is the thread and clamp size of the front wheel axle. I appreciate the effort, though! :applause:

It needs to be 17 mm (which is what -92 up have if I am correct) where the wheel goes, but I need to know how big it should be where it connects to the fork. So the sizes of the chunky part where it clamps (left seen from front) and the thread where it screws in (right side seen from front) are what I need. I hope I'm making sense...

Sure Kris!

My front wheel's just off: in the afternoon I'll check that diameter! :applause:

Very kind of you gbking!

(I saw that you are from Italy, I just got back from a week in the Aosta valley. Amazing skiing! Oh yes, the food and wine is good too... :applause:)

So, the diameter is 25 mm. the lenght is 38 mm.

I mean the part of the front wheel axle that fit inside the right front fork... :-)

(I live at the opposite part of Italy in the souht east: by the sea! I like skiing, but I like sailing, surfing the most! :-) )

Thanks! I'll start manufacturing it as soon as possible, and we'll see how it goes!

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