06 YZ450 Cycra Probends

Cycra Probends - *triple clamp mount*... After replacing the stock bars with "Windham/Rm Highs," my handguards are running too low to be effective. I can run them through just one bolt on the triple clamp, but this is just a temp fix and not strong at all. Does anyone have any ideas for a solution?


I had a mounting problem with these on my 07 YZ450. Cycra sent me the bar mounts and it's a done deal. Use the bar mounts. They work fine.

Thanks guys. I have a message into cycra for some bar mounts. I didn't really want to go that route cause the cockpit just feels more cluttered. Are those special bar mounts to work with existing triple clamp mounted probends or just regular probend bar mounts?

the bar mounts utilize the barkbuster, not the TC mount piece. So when you install the bar mounts, you will have triple clamp mounts left over. All of cycras barkbusters are the same, the just use different mount systems.

I'm not a fan of the triple clamp mounts at all. I don't want all the force of a fall to be exserted on my triple clamps/forks.

I have the Pastrana bend (probably similar to the Windham High) bars and found the regular bar mounts work perfectly. After all that hassle:bonk:

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