WR450 mods same as 250?


I had a 04WR250 and loved it. Got busted up. healed a bit. getting ready to sell a kdx220 and just boiught a 2004 WR450. Tons of motor. Love it. Are the mods the same for the 450 as the 250, I found 250 mods but not 450 mods. I assume they are the same.??? The throtle stop screw has been changed and the baffle removed. The bike has 150 miles on it and looks showroom new. Big dead spot when you wick the throttle. Not the best thing when climbing hills, jumps etc.. Can someone let me know if the mods are the same.


If you're referring to the free mods, they're pretty much the same.

Hi, I'm also new to this site, joined back end of last week and love it. Loads of useful info. on here. I used the search button to very good effect. There are loads of strings on 'Free Mods' for the WR. I have an 04 also and completed these mods over the weekend. Well some of them as not all were necessary or had already been completed.

Can't say how pleased I am since re jetting my bike and making the air box mods. It now starts first time on the button and has more power. Lifts the front end in 2nd / 3rd no problem. I have posted some info. on what I did and how I got on. Use the search facility to look for: Help Calling all UK WR450 Owners!!

I also used the info. on this site for jetting / set up etc. Hope this helps.

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