Winter riding in NH

We are almost all set to start the winter riding season. A little late this year, but we are finally getting some snow. Does anyone wish to come to NH for some winter riding?? Rides are usually 60 to 80 miles and are done at night. Stock headlight is pleanty bright in the snow. This is a real treat for you singletrackers. Lots of 3rd and 4th gear riding WOT!

Some of the best riding you could do in the snow. Can't put it into words.

when the hell is the boycott going to end, and you e-mail me your address so I can send you this Kouba? :)

Mike....just what kind of rubber do you use in the snow....or should I sak what kind of blocks do you have in your head :D ..I have mountains here and loads of snow and loads of ICE. I cant even BEGIN to comprehend a 60-80 mile ride in the snow and at NIGHT! :) eek:eek

Good luck to you !

Mr Missle,

Cheap tires and some sheet metal screws or gold screws are all that is needed. We are allowed to ride the state snowmobile trails in NH which get groomed and ridden alot. This allows for a great base, good hook up and flat track racing type of cornering. It really is something. I am really dissapointed with the weather this winter. I was hoping to hit 1000 miles this winter and I'll be lucky to hit 500 at this rate. Come on out. Free room and food.

NPUZA, I am waiting!


Keep it.

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