Braking oversize wave rotor on 06 yz450f

Quick question about Braking oversize wave rotor, I Installed it on my bike, but it seems to be warped or bent from the factory, which doesn’t make since as it is a floating rotor, so it being warped or bent is unlikely, but when I spin the front wheel, it spins freely but rubs on like ¼ of the surface causing a bit of drag. Any explanation or possibilities or anyone else experience this type of problem? Any input would help. Thanks. I was thinking it just needs to break in, but im beginning to get aggravated.

How bad does it rub?Does it come to a complete stop when it rubs?I would check alignment and possibly reallign everything again.Remember before you tighten your axle pinch bolts and axle bolt to pump your forks a few times to make sure there straight.

Tell me how you like them, and how much difference they really make?

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