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Suspension schooling

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well after reading all the post about suspension set ups I am more confuserated than ever. I think I want to get inverted forks but then also keep mine and just set them up :applause: . Ok I dont know what I want really, or which way to go, I definitley want stiffer suspension and know the guy who had it before me set it up for 220lbs but it seems to be too soft. I ride all desert really and in whoops section I get my ass kicked, the rest is ok I just want to get it set up better for me. I wiegh 225 naked (:applause: ) so what....about 240-250lbs loaded up so what do you guys think send out the forks to get redone or do it myself? the rear was rebuilt by a budy of mine last year. See what a confusing mess for a novice....

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