About that XR650L...

I'm getting interested in the L. A local dealer that I've bought some bikes from in the past has a used one I know they would let me take on a nicve test ride.Wouldn't be able to take it offroad, but could easily take it on a couple of nice, winding country roads, and then a couple of miles of freeway thrown in to check the high speed stuff.

If I decide to buy one, I think I'd like to pull off the smog carp-but I might wait until after the first check up at the dealer.Is it much of a job to remove this stuff? The other things I'm wondering about are-1.should I be concerned about the countershaft sprocket damaging the countershaft? I'vr read a few messages about the shaft being destroyed at the splines.Is this due to people buying aftermarket sprockets or? 2.changing oil on the dry sump system.I'm used to wet sumps like most Japanese bikes have where you just drop the oil, change the filter, and refill and run it for maybe 30 seconds and recheck and top off if needed. Theres an awful lot of postd here and the Yahoo site where people are confused, or overfill or whatever. 3. Does the L have a cartridge type rplaceable oil filter or a reuseable, cleanable one?

And I'm hoping the L is totally rideable stock.

I'llk have to wait for a dry day when I'm off work (Sunday/Monday) before I can test ride that L.

Thyanks, JJN

Smog crap, comes off easy, good write up on 4strokes.com but need to rejet richer as the factory is lean anyway and the removal of smog crap gives more air to engine and leans it more.

Oil filter: has disposable cartridge, oil drains from oil tank in frame, clean screan. done.

haven't heard about the spline problem, for the most part its a pretty bullet proof bike.

seat is kinda high, hard for this fat old man to get a leg over the saddle, going to add lowering link asap.

its ridable but you may get the mod-a-holic infection and may not stop working on it.


Spline problem-

A very hard aftermarket sprocket can cause spline wear or stripping. Best to stick with JT or sunstar or a few other reccommended brands.


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