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Mcafee MX needs our help! PLEASE READ AND DO PETITION!

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(Sorry mods in advance if this is against site policy)

I got this on myspace:

If you ride do your part, please sign this petition!


Hey all,

Remember the days when we all used to ride Mcafee MX? They are all but distant memories now. The courts rushed the case though and closed the track because a few of the surrounding residents didn’t like the noise! It’s been a while since it’s closed now, and we are all loosing faith, but I got a call from Mark (the owner) today.

There is still hope for McAfee MX! Mark McAfee finally got his 2nd chance! Mark has a court hearing wed to determine his retrial date and turn over appeal or whatever it is. He needs our signatures on a petition!

Mark asked me to spread the word for him, so I am doing my part. At the rate we are loosing our tracks we can’t stand to sit back and let them drift away due to noise, ect. So do your part.

What can you do?

See below for the petition. Mark needs all the signatures he can get, he asked me to ask you all to get as many as you can. All you need to do is print out the petition, sign it, get your friends to sign it, and fax it to this number: (903) 429-0400



Please try your best to get these in by wed morning!

Thanks for all of your support MX community!

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