650r , 600r and 650l part compatibility??

what parts are generally interchangeable?? or is there a real simple way to determine that using parts diagrams? I could not find a parts diagram with parts #'s on the hond a site.

You need to be more specific. 650L and 600R share lots of the same parts. 650R shares very few parts with the other two.

Yes, the 600R and 650L are very similar or exact for many parts.

The 650R I think even uses different air in the tires, that's how different it is from the previous lineup!


i used to own a zx6r kawasaki.. and went to the kawasaki website to veiw the parts diagrams and get part#'s to see if they would interchange with the kawsaki zx9r.. in general if the part # was the same it would swap

i dont see diagrams on hondas website..so i can get part #'s

but in general i'm curious about exhausts, fenders and handlebars.

The exhausts will swap between the 650L and 600R. Front fenders will swap between all 3, rear fenders will only swap between the 650L and 600R.

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