IMS Gas Tank Follies

I'm in the process of bolting on upgrades to my new '02 WR. One of the things was a 4.0 gallon IMS tank. Putting the new tank on is very easy if you remember one thing: Use the new gasket that they give you when you mount your OEM petcock in the new tank.

The O-ring on the stock tank doesn't work with the new tank. I should have examined it more carefully. I simply used the old piece, screwed the petcock on, put the tank on, and poured in the gas.

The gas then proceeded to spew out of the tank/petcock junction rather quickly.

I removed the tank and examined it. Hmm. Yup, the stock tank has a different shape at the petcock area. I then put the new rubber gasket supplied by IMS on top of the original O-ring and put it back together. No problems, works just fine.

Perhaps I'm the only one who did this but just FYI. It sure looked like the original o-ring would be good enough but not so. Use the new rubber gasket as well. Of course the install sheet doesn't mention this at all.


Tom, Thanks for the heads up. I just got my new 4.0 IMS that I won. Did you get "natural" or blue? I now have both, one for gas cap and now I have one with the "dry-break". I'll make sure that I use the IMS gasket that they provide. You're right they dont state that you "must" use the gasket provided. Are you planning on getting graphics? Ceet has some cool ones made for the Big-pig IMS 4.0 check it out..



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I got clear. While I would have preferred a blue tank that was still translucent, I could not find one in 4.0 gallon. So, I got clear. I really like the feature that allows me to easily and quickly determine fuel level. My last bike was a KLX-300R which I had put on an Acerbis tank. The tank was green but you could still see the fuel level if you looked hard enough. Very nice.

No graphics for me. I just don't care about that kind of stuff.

And, the IMS tank is deep enough that it appears that perhaps 1/2 gallon of gas could get caught on the right side. So, I will remember to get off the bike and really lean it to the left to get the gas on the right over to the left where the petcock is when I go on reserve. I think a lot of tanks and bikes (even stock) have this same issue.

A few folks here in previous discussions of the IMS mentioned that it only uses the left side bolt to hold the tank to the frame. This is true. The stock tank used a long bolt on each side. However, the IMS also has a very strong rubber strap at the rear of the tank for securing it to the frame in addition to the radiator shrouds. The shrouds have 3 screws each. Two of them go into the tank itself and the lower one at the leading edge goes into the radiator itself thus providing even more support for the tank. It does appear that it will be secure enough as IMS had hoped for.

And, for me, an intermediate trail rider, the tank doesn't feel too wide at all. I find I can get a good grip with my knees when standing up.

Hope this helps,


Tom, It's totally secure with just the one frame mount. I have thousands of hard desert miles on mine and it's very secure. I don't think it's that wide either.

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