Any Tips About Adjusting a Edelbrock - XR650R

I mean actually getting to the adjuster knob with out taking off the seat, tank, wings etc. If I jam the head of a screwdriver between the intake and the bottom of the tank, I can just barely get a couple of my fat fingers on the knob. Any one have a trick to make a quick trailside adjustment?

I always had to raise the tank on mine.

Grind some little spots on the knob with a Dremel so you'll have more grip on it. It worked for me with an IMS tank.


I think it is just the nature of the beast. I have to pull mine. I have actually put back on the stock tank just so I can access the carb and the spark plug, not sure it it will do any good but I agree, access sucks. Good thing once you set it it shouldn't need to move much unless you are jumping elevations often.

get a clarke tank you can get your hand up the side to adjust it :applause:

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