ATTN! Excel's name change/buy out.

no,he works at fay meyers.

kyle was my apprentice many years ago.

Nice, he was always really cool to me. I guess I'll have to follow him over there.

I hope Faymyers get's it together. They have walked me twice! I buy somewhere else, then they call me and say "let's make a deal!"

I liked them better when they were on Alameda.

Plus, they don't want to match prices either.

I like the OTD concept!

Visited the OTD site, some very good prices on CRF250 and 450X's are listed :applause:

the selling strategy.1 price,no call or come in and get the bottom line suprises.

Great for dealers who have an interest in taking every dime a buyer is reading, willing and able to pay.

OTD is the way to go. We've had several dealerships in so cal for years now.

Don't bother going to the other dealers, these guys give you a great price. A lot of times you pay even less than the MSRP price but out the door! That's a deal! Thanks Burned for all the help you've been to countless thumpsters.:applause:

One great thing about the East Colfax store is I can get a new bike with a side of crack... maybe a hooker too.

My Mikuni problems started at Excel. I had them rebuild the tp end of my xr650r and add the flat slide. I tracked down the mechanic at Gay Meyers last week and he did a cople of adjustments but the darn thing still runs like junk. See my post under Mikuni posted today. Will the guys at OTD stand behind the Excel work?

i replied to your pm.your work was not done by me or at my store.

OTD only bought the one store and its commitments.

any issues of the yamaha/kawasaki store are handled by G-Force.any issues of the south store will be handled by who ever buys it.

One great thing about the East Colfax store is I can get a new bike with a side of crack... maybe a hooker too.

Why do you think Eddie's bike and truck are so fast?!! It's like running a gauntlet to get there!:bonk:

I bet they can't complain about the rent though!


Did they take down the big Excel sign yet?

fees,tax etc.the actual bottom line.

i was skeptical myself,but that is really how it works.

I purchased both my DRZ SM and my g/f's TTR125 from OTD dealers...

Painless and CHEAP!!!

About to buy a DRZ-S from them. Good experience for me from two of their dealerships.

Too bad there's no Nor-Cal OTD Suzuki franchise.


Did they take down the big Excel sign yet?

working on it.the uniforms are in process as well.

Jim Bob still around?

jim bob is my watercraft specialist.

When I worked at the steelership. OTD meant On The Drugs. We were refering to our sales staff.

worked at a few shops like that.

definately not the case in this one.

Same expierience with OTDcycles in Los Angeles. Went to their web site, they emailed me their OTD price, I called to confirm they had the three bikes in stock. My son and I went down to pick them up and their the bikes were waiting with my name on them!! All I did was call, give my first name and confirmed the price. I kept asking them to verify the prices, and they did .(had other dealers change the price on me from salesman negotiations to finance)so I was a little skeptical. When I went to finance all the prices were right and I signed and paid!! I will always buy from OTD cycles. The best expierience I have ever had purchasing a bike.:applause: :applause:

I also contacted OTD for a quote when I was shopping for an SM and was ready to get one from them, but a dealer close to home said they would match the OTD price so I bought there for the easy pickup.


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