650L HOTCAM, what do you like? dislike?

Hey guys a buddy and I are up in the air about the Hotcam for the L, for those that have it was it worth the money and if so what do you like and dislike about it? Some specs would be nice and are there stage 1 and 2 or just one? Do you lose the decompression and how does it affect starting, and engine turnover? Thanks guys and Im to busy to do a search :applause:

Mine has one but bought the bike with it. It also have a Wiseco Hi-comp piston. I know that you loose the auto decompressor. But mine still start ok with the wiseco and hot-cam. So if your still have the stock piston you should not have any trouble starting it.

only one guy has the hotcam?

I bought one for my XR600R, but have not installed it yet.. Will post back later about my results. Much later at this point..

Got the stage 1 and love it ,lots of mid to high rpm pull. had to change my gear ratio though to get the low end wheelie action back but it was the best mod so far.


Hey Tod what gearing did you decide to go with after the cam install?

I have a hotcam in my L, but I really can't say how much it helped it cause I bought it with it. As far as drawbacks I don't see any since the bike never really gives me any trouble, starts easy and I have put several thousand miles on it with the hotcam installed (since I've owned it).

Sorry for the late reply real busy, put a 48 tooth in the rear left the ft at 15 for street and run 14 for dirt. brings the wheel pretty far fwd when I'm running just the 48 but can still set my chain tension. This little piggy rips now,Dave's mods, unied,165 main/58 pilot,supertrapp IDS2 with 20 discs. Harley's love racing me for whatever reason and about 90% of the time I smoke em off the line to about 70mph than they catch me unless theyve modded theyre hogs hard then I barely pull them till 70. F#%$ing wheelies through 3rd but scares the piss outa me cuz I'm doin bout 45 on 1 wheel.


F'in sweet thanks Todd I think that was just about what Im lookin for :applause:

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