Mystery Tube - xr600 carb

Took the carb out to change jets. Reinstalled. Bike runs well. Too bad I don't know where this mystery tube goes. THoughts?

mystery tube

If it matters, bike is a 1992.

under your tank, should go through rubber isolater under tank with bend facing rear I think. Its for going through deep water.

my 2000 xr600r looks the same as your pic does. funny, I noticed it yesterday after a real good cleaning, and was asking myself, "&%$#@!? Was that like that before?" Now, I know...

I was going to take a pic of my 1999's tube and where it was routed... but the tube is gone. It still runs okay... but I think I'll be putting a new tube on it ASAP.

I'm also curious where what it is and where it goes. :applause:


I've looked at mine an wondered too. I think that it is just a vent.

Yup, just a vent. Mine is tucked in next to the shock reservoir.

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