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Vortip - Love It / Hate It

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I snagged a used Vortip from a TT member ($40 to my door.. nice deal). My WR is brand new and the dealer did the uncorking of the stock baffle and airbox lid for me. I've done a few rides and really love the bike but it's loud as hell. I mean this bike is really loud.

So, while I can ride the bike loud down in the Pueblo area all winter where we have a huge open free area to ride, I don't want to even think of how the other recreationists in Moab and the National Forests of Colorado are going to think about my exhaust.

So, I spent 30 seconds and put the Vortip in and attached it with the single bolt.

Start bike.

Okay, decision time:

Love - It's nice and quiet. It seems as quiet as my old KLX300R with its Thumper Insert. A ride around the neighborhood seems fine. I can't wind it up so don't know yet if a lot of power is gone.

Hate: It sounds like my old KLX300R. The lean,

mean, fighting machine sound of my rad WR426F has been eliminated. I no longer feel invincible. I'm not sure I can climb big hills and jump over stuff. I feel "neutered".

What to do? I guess since its so easy to put the thing in and out that I'll keep it in when I have to and out when I can.

Do some of you all suffer with the same issue?


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If you think the loudness of the bike will affect your access to riding land or create loudness issues with neighbors then, cork'er up.

If loudness is not an issue where you ride and you like the sound of the thundering beast, UN-cork'er.

I ride only private land in the middle of nowhere and closed course tracks......... I love the sound of my E-Series with all 12 discs :D



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Hey Tom,

Yes the Vortip does reduce top end power slightly compared to the uncorked pipe. Too bad you never rode your bike in the original condition with the muffler plug and air box cover installed. The machine is a lead sled with all this stuff on.

The stock pipe and the Vortip are about as quiet as you can get and still have decent performance.

You have to decide how much you need that top end rev.

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