Baja 1000 Race XR 650R, buy it or not?

A couple of buddies and I are planning on racing the Vegas to Reno race this year. We are looking at buying a 03 XR 650R that was raced in last years Baja 1000. The bike has a total of 1400 miles on it. Bike is set up for desert racing with all the guards, revalved suspension and a IMS tank. Not too familiar with this bike. Is that alot of miles on the motor? Will it hold up for the V to R race? What should we look for? He is wanting $3500 for it. Is that a fair price?


3500 is fair, that bike will run 4 baja 1k's w/out needing a new motor.Worst case, you put a new top end in 500 bux.

That bike is just broken in.

Adjust the valves, change oil and filters- ready to rock. (if the oil was kept in it) Good buy at $3500.

Lights included?

May see you there- I am trying to get my crew to do it.

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