Plastics for 96 xr 650L Help Please!!

The Acerbis DOT type taillight does not hold up well with the vibration present at the back fender....I DO like their motard front fender. I have two of them, one on a 650L (black) and 600R (white).

thanks. I did decide on going with the led Baja tail light. I looks like it is constructed much better. and found some positive feed back on it.

Ok guys . just a quick up date. i am in the process of tearing the 1996 pig apart. I found a lot of surface rust under all that plastic, but it was nothing the dremil tool could not handle. i bought some goodies as well and after i am done priming and painting the frame i will start to install. there are some parts that need some modifying. so as i got a red stock gas tang off e-bay, new front pegs. CRF 400 front fender in CR red, CRF 450 Rear Fender CR red, Acebis CR red wrap around hand guards 14/ 48 renthal sprocket. went down 1 in the front and up 3 in the dear. black shock covers, Utah sport skid plate. Very nice and good coverage by the way. Baja design led tail light and that's it for now. the pig is just a jig saw puzzle in the garage right now and is coming along.

So anyone found a supplier for L side panels????

I wanna replace mine and haven't had much luck with the eBay searches lately.

I have seen two sets of side pannels on e-bay just yesterday.

My front, rear, and side panels are UFO. The rear I have is also listed for the 650L. The front you have to drill the mounting holes yourself. Not sure about Acerbis, I hear they are a thicker better grade plastic than UFO. So far I am happy with UFO plastic parts on my bike.

are you saying that UFO has side panels for the 650 L? Let me(us) Know.....thanks

Wow, where have you been? Lost in the forrest!LOL

Hah, did a search trying to figure out how to install the Acerbis tank.....

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