Help installing Decal Works Number Plate Graphics

I just bought a set of graphics for my side number plates, however with all the curves im not sure how to get the finger wrinkles out of it, I have not tried it yet, just sized it up, any hints or tricks?

Windex and a heat gun. Spray on the Windex, lay on the graphic and start to slowly heat up the vinyl, it will stretch over the curves perfectly and as the Windex evaporates it will stick down. Use a credit card or better still get a plastic squeegee from a sign shop to work out the bubbles as you go.

That's how I installed window tint, but it only removes small finger type bubbles, this seem sto be very, very big..........

The heat gun will help get the air out of the big bubbles.

bondo spreader

I feel your pain!


I put on the Decal Works kit on my WR and when the team manager ordered them I was the only guy on my race team with a WR, the Decal Works guy said - "send us the pipe side plate and we'll install, they are a bitch". I said no just send it. I followed the instructions on applying including their little sequence and pattern for squeeging the thing out. It was not easy but they eventually all worked out and it's been stuck for a whole season now and thats saying something up here in the PNW off road series.... They are the best back grounds I've ever had:thumbsup:

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