Newbie here - 86' XL600R

Newbie here,

Just saying hi. 86' XL600R.


Welcome to Thumpertalk, Nathan, :applause:


Newbie here,

Just saying hi. 86' XL600R.


Hi, Nathan! i've got an '83 version of your bike that I just got on the road with last weekend....taking it into the dirt this coming weekend for the first time also...


welcome to TT, great forum lots of great answers for problems and mods for your bike. Cant find the answers under search threads, just ask someone will know!!!

Nice - got an '84 myself.:applause:

hi ..yet another newbie to the a 86 xl 600 r a few probs i hope you guys can help me with.....


Welcome. I have an '85 XL600 and just bought an '03 XR650L last week.

Welcome! Lots of good people here that can help with just about anything! :)

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