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I bought a 2006 450 last July. I have probably around 10 to 15 hours on it. Things came up, and I simply couldn't make time to ride it. And I want to prepare myself for the upcoming season of what I hope will be eventful riding by equipping it with the necessary protection so it doesn't get beat up too bad. I'm very wary about this, since I didn't get most of the necessary protection I should of had on my banshee, and it's been beaten to death over the past four or five years.

I want to know what I should get, what brands you guys suggest. Also, there has to be a company that makes a better water pump guard than the one that comes with the stock bike. This thing is pretty flimsy.

Aside from bike protection, I'd like suggestions on sturdy hand guards (the kind that are reinforced with a metal strip), an air filter (brand/type), and new tires (I keep hearing the stock ones aren't that good, at least the front).

If it helps, I'll be doing offroad/trailing riding only.

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