Works Connection Frame Guards - Poor Fit?

Tried to mount my Works Connection frame guards last week prior to my first ride. First, I put some clear heavy duty 3M protector sheet on the frame tubes.

The left side mounts fine. A little blue loctite on all the bolts and everything goes together very easily. All the holes align perfectly.

Now to the right side. No go, the holes don't line up.

The right side already had a partial guard there which protects the rear master cylinder reservoir. This must be removed to put the new piece on. You then must remove the bolt holding the master cylinder reservoir to the frame also.

You then are supposed to be able to simply put the new bolts in place and you're done. If you put the bottom two bolts in first then the top bolt, where it needs to go through the WC piece, through the tab holding the reservoir on, and then into the frame is off by about 1/8 - 1/4".

Either the 02 WR426 has a slight change to the rear subframe or WC has some quality control issues. And, it's not simply a matter of drilling or elongating the existing hole as all the holes in the WC piece are counter sunk into the metal. Drilling a new hole won't solve the issue.

Anyone else wrestle with this? If so, how did you solve it? Right now I'm just using the left piece and the right piece is sitting on my workbench.



Originally posted by Tom Vervaeke:

Either the 02 WR426 has a slight change to the rear subframe or WC has some quality control issues.


Someone on this board recently tried to install an ’00 YZ subframe on their ’02 WR and it didn’t fit due to a difference in the rear brake reservoir mounting.

IMO the WC guards are the best fitting guards you can get, if they don’t fit your bike then you have been sold the wrong part. Hopefully you can get your money back or the updated part for the ’02 brake changes.

Hope this helps.

Had exactly the same problem with the right side. I did a little bending to the guard to change the jog in the guard, thus the distance between the bolt holes with some help. I also had to loosen up the allen bolt between the frame sections and no problem. I hoped I didn't put anything out of alignment but if I did I never noticed a difference. Hope this helped.

Hick: They're the right parts. I went to the WC

page and looked up the part numbers. WC claims the 01 and 02 WR426 are the same. So, either they are the same and I just need to tweak the piece or they are wrong.

AZ: Hey, I never even thought of loosening the subframe bolt on that size or bending the frame guard a tad. I'll try that tomorrow.

This forum is great.


That was me! (I think) that 01 YZ sub-frame would not fit my 02 WR.

The brake mount was different than my 02. wasn't even close. I went to Yamaha for 02 frame guard (GYRT?) made by Acerbis. If W/C say they are the same, kinda gets me P/O as their not close. They just want to sell their 01 leftover's. I'd send them back and tell them you will be more than happy to purchase their products when they tool up properly. you should not have to jack your bike around!! I have been jerked around several times by parts companys that claim the 01 and 02 are completely the same..oop's, I sorry did'nt mean to vent.


Hi Tom,

One of the local Yami shops sold me a set of WC frame guards that were for WR400 saying it's the same bike. Not So! Now when I go to buy a product for my 01 wr I make sure they double check their part #'s. I discovered the foul-up by looking on the WC web-site. The service you get these days just sucks.

BTW, the correct set of guards fit fairly well, the right side bolted right up, but the left side could have used a 1/4" longer bolt for the chain-roller. I also left the kickstand off which would have been a poor fit for the guards. I did apply some 1/16" insulation tape to the frame before mounting the guards.

Best o Luck,



I have them on my 01WR. They fit perfectly - no modifications. You must have wrong part or 02WR subframe may be different

Problem found. I ordered the correct part from Baja Designs. Baja Designs sent me the wrong


The correct WC part # for an 01-02 WR426 is 15-245. BD sent me 15-247. This is for a 01-02 YZ426. So, it seems the left side guard is the same for both and the right side is different.

The main reason it took a bit of time to figure out is that Baja Designs sells the part with their own part number on their web site and not the real Works Connection part number. Thus, I had to find my original package, check their web page (WC) and then call to confirm. WC could not have been nicer on the phone.

Now I'm sort of stuck. I've already mounted the left guard and it's already nice and used. The right side piece looks a little glarly from my attempts to mount it. I'll call Baja Designs tomorrow and see if they'll take the used parts back or what. If not, then I guess I'll call WC and see if they'll sell me a right side piece only at a discount.

I'm open to other suggestions.


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