06 yz450f Stock Handle Bar Bend

im looking into getting a new pair of Bars because i have found myself hunched over when standing. i wanted to know the stock bend hight before i made my choise, but i cant find it anywhere. anyone have the numbers?

im about 6'0 btw...

I think there 77mm. I opted for the Windam bend, there closer to 100mm and feel so much better. I'm 6'2"

Not sure of the stock height, but they were WAY too low for me (I'm also 6'). I went with a PT Windham bend and added an additional 10mm riser to those.

They are about 77mm. Slightly lower than the PT "YZ High", and ver little sweep. We put Windhams on my son's bike for him (6'3"). They're a little too tall for me, but not bad. I (5'10") would put the Henry/Reed bend on an '06 I rode most of the time.

I run the Windham bend on my DRZ, and will also be ordering a set for my new YZ. I'm 6', and like the height of the bar and the fact they are swept back less than a lot of other bars

Stock bars are wayyy too low. Im 6ft and I love how the Windham bend opened up the cockpit. The higher bars made it soo much more comfortable to remain standing and aggresive.

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