Hook me up with some feedback here...

If I was to create an AP mod package that was more complete than say, the Ready racing system, that came with everything you need, and sold it through the TT store, how many of you would purchase it?

Prior to the 07 Hondas revised linkage, the JD Jetting kit and the Ready Racing thing, I actually did create a revised linkage kit, only it was new linkage, leak jet and diaphragm as well as complete instructions. I didn't follow through with it because I figured with the bikes supposedly coming out with fuel injection it wouldn't be worth the effort. But due to the continued interest in the AP Mod I have considered knocking some out and getting with the TT bosses to sell it through the store. If I was to do it, it would come with a revised linkage kit, sorta like the Ready racing thing, the correct leak jet, diaphragm and complete instructions, so basically it would be the most complete kit around, plus I think I could sell it for less than competing products.

If you guys would be interested, and I get enough interest, I'll do it. If I missed the boat, just say so and I'll chalk this one up as a loss.

I think it would be a good idea to sell this kit as a complete solution, like ZipTy or Tokyo Mods carb mod services. The problem I see is this, the ready Racing link accomplishes what wiring the linkage accomplishes, the quickshot accomplishes better flow in the diaphram, the power now for better air velocity to the carb....I see Ready Racing linkage kit is 99.00,,,,,,why is everything for carbs around 100.00? This thing should be costing 35-45 bucks tops.....like the quickshot, power now etc....they all solve a problem that is inherently different from each other...a piece meal solution in my opinion.

I am now sold on the Zipty - as they do all of this and more for 100.00

I do think the ready racing kit with a leak jet would solve 80% of the problems that the FCRs have. :applause:

I'd be open to it. As I stand now, I was thinking about going to ZipTY. If your pricing was competative I would defenatly give you a ring. I think alot of people here would also be open to using your kit, for the simple fact that you've proven your self already with your AP mod. :applause: The one thing I know scares the hell out of me and countleess other people is screwing with the carb, I don't even like taking the :censored:er off my bike.

Maybe you should offer house calls. :applause: But really thats the one thing I like about the Zipty program is they do all the work; if you can promise the customer that they don't have to be a carb wiz to pull off the mod, then you've got your self a product:thumbsup:

Heck I would be interested in it if I could but it for under $50.That ready racing part is soo stupidly overpriced.I could buy one of them,get the pattern for them and make about 100 of them in a day.Heck I could make a profit on them by selling each one for aroun $10.Its stupid how much they want for them.You can wire you AP for about $.05.


If you need anyone to help with the production of them let me know.

Bump, lets try and keep this thread alive, the Honda guys are all over it like a fat kid on a cupcake. Hey BVB maybe you need to change the title to "cheap HP" or "pics of your yamaha" LOL then maybe they will come

I'd be interested.

international shipping ok?? i'd want one! the idea of getting the complete kit is nice, instead of forking out for each bit. so wat would u your kit consist of?

I'm interested for my '07. So we wouldn't need anything else really after this, correct?

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