1999 WR400F Purchase?

Howdy. My confession - I'm a full on dirt riding noob. Like zero seat time for over 20 years on anything other than my buddy's DRZ400S. Last time a rode a proper MX bike I scythed it through a sugar beet field and catapulted over a large irrigation pipe into a pond.

Looking for a first dirt bike that must do:

1. Easy weekend trail rides and forest service roads.

2. Accept a SM wheel conversion for street havoc.

3. Easy maintenance, reliability, spares, etc. I'll break stuff fer sure.

Candidate will already be plated for street use. One contender is a '99 WR that seems in decent shape. Any thoughts, guidance, etc. is appreciated.

Cheers! :applause:

I would go for a newer model if I were you. There is difference between the wr450 and the wr400.

However, for "easy trail riding", it can't be beat.

Look for something with e-start. Believe the hype, e-start is worth it!

Have you ridden this bike yet? I would definately say you should ride it before you consider buying it.

I have had my 99 WR400F for four years and love it. It was my first bike since a yz80 when I was 12 and I am now 25.

I ride everything from single track to wide open desert from 4500 ft. to 10,500 ft. and it handles everything I throw at it.

As far as dependability goes, it holds up great if proper maintenance is done.

All I have ever had to do to mine is adjust the valves once in four years. I am still on the original chain and sprockets!

Good luck with your decision.


I have a street legal 1999 WR400, and love it. I went the opposite route, with a set of street trail tires and a set of full knobs. Way more fun to ride than my old TT500, but killer for busting around town. I may put my trials tires on it later this year to check that out.

Whatever you do, go for a WR. Whether it turns out to be a 400, 426, 450 will depend upon what you find.

I agree on the e-start comment; it really is a huge help. But, if that wr400 really is a bargain, snatch it up imeeeeediately - it won't let you down, that's for sure.

those bikes are soo top heavy plus they can be a pain to start. I would also say get something newer.

I bought a '99 WR after a 20 year lay off. It is a little heavy, but it is a great bike. Mine starts easy! The only time I have starting problems is when I screw with stuff. If I stall it on the trail, it is a one kick start. Oh, I did have a fouled plug one time, it wouldn't start, it kicked back and punched a hole in the sole of my new work boot.

Thanks very much. The top heavy / weight comments may be applicable, but I honestly won't know the difference. Bike looks to have a few mods (FMF pipe, bars, plastics). Canadian model? Buyer asking $3200. Seems a bit high. Other local option is a 2002 CRF450 that's reportedly plated for about the same price.

that price does seem high, forget about the honda they are :applause: you cant go wrong with a wr250f 2003 onwards thats just my few cents worth:eek:

get the newer so you dont have to kick it. but my wr426 is amazing. just a lil heavy but power makes up for that.

guys if he goes newer he cant get the plate legally. Get the 400 if its a 99, the 98 had issues the 99 is a great bike. The plated bikes in Ca. go for about $1000 moree than the green sticker ones. Plate, dual sport kit, etc costs about $800. So safe to add 1K to the cost of the grenn stickered bikes and thats how you judge what the plated bikes are worth. Keep in mind the plated 400s are becoming harder and harder to find!!!$$$

Too bad you are not closer.

I have a 99 street plated WR 400 for sale, with a bunch of spares.


I can't say enough about my old 99 WR, as said above the only starting problems came from messing with it. It's was street legal, and I also rode it in the sand. I just recently sold it to a buddy for $2500, with a GYTR pipe, and a Baja Designs kit. I sold it because I also have an 04 WR450, and I'm making it NV legal. There is something to be said about that E-start...


My WR400 has always been an easy starting bike. The only thing that would make it easier would be a auto-decompressor cam. I think they are good bikes if you can find one for a deal. Of course the newer the better, but not everyone can afford the new stuff.

I just bought one last week, CA plate, stock, new tires, starts right up.

1800... Just ordered a BD light kit, Endurance computer and a keyed ignition through the TT shop.

Does have the turn the bars full right and it cuts off problem. I'll go through the wires this weekend.

I just bought one last week, CA plate, stock, new tires, starts right up.

1800... Just ordered a BD light kit, Endurance computer and a keyed ignition through the TT shop.

Does have the turn the bars full right and it cuts off problem. I'll go through the wires this weekend.

Cerby - Quickly change your order for the Endurance to the Vapor - way nicer unit with great features. Spend the extra $$$, it's well worth it.

I have the Endurance on my 99 and the Vapor on my 07 - no comparison. Just DO IT!

I'm pretty much an off-road noob and my '98 WR400 has been great...I'll probably want something newer once I know better. But it's let me get away with many mistakes and starting is NEVER an issue...don't know what all that hollering for the e button is about - sorry, but it sounds like my 10 year old (ban me now) The thing's a tractor and rarely stalls in the first place, or when I really bail, it runs nicely laying on it's side. Have been able to restart no prob buried in sand going uphill.

Am getting very curious about all the raves I'm hearing about the '07 around here...

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